Nothing can truly prepare you for motherhood, it's a learn on the job experience. But what I know for sure is that the struggles that Mums experience and the complete transformation that mothers go through needs to be talked about more...


Thanks for stopping by to check out my site. My name is Kristyn Culliver, wife to George, Mum to Sophia and Charlotte (aka Charlie), ex-HR Manager turned Mentor and Coach to Mums in Business, Blogger and Podcaster. Add to that a glass of champagne, anything shiny and pretty, a few good friends and as much travel as possible in my life and that's me in a nutshell.

When I became a Mum in 2013 it hit me really hard how unprepared I was for motherhood. I struggled with feelings of loneliness, isolation, low confidence and anxiety. I really felt like the days, weeks and months following the birth of my daughter, Sophia, was a car crash playing out in slow motion. I was in a bubble of sleep deprivation, sadness and sometimes even shock at what motherhood had done to my life.

So I started writing about it. It felt good to share my struggles (along with the fun stuff!) because I realised it is something that is not spoken about enough. Mums needed more support, more honest discussions and better resources to navigate their way through motherhood. What Mums need to know is that they are not alone. 

But then it morphed in to more. I started using my coaching mentoring skills I developed in the Corporate world to work with Mums in Business, helping them work from a place of full alignment, authenticity and soul. I started teaching Mums how to make money from just being who they are, sharing their message and always saying yes to Soul (aka your intuition).

My clients are always looking for more. They know they are made for more. They know that their success is a priority and they set out to make it happen.


So if you’re feeling a little disconnected and a bit foggy from everything motherhood throws at you whilst trying to build your business, or if you just need a bit of butt kicking and reminder on how to tap in to your inner voice, you’re in the right place. 


I am big on Mums helping Mums, we can be our best support network. I’m here to share with you my tools, resources and support to help you set soul aligned goals and and actually hit them, even with the kids in toe.

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With love,