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We’re now fully submerged in to Stage 4 here in Melbourne - four reasons to leave the home, only for an hour per day, masks are mandatory, curfews are in place.

Who would have thought this would be the city that I love and adore?

But here we are.

Groundhog Day.

Iso Day 55,075 - we have been in this since March.

I have moved back and forth in my mind since this all began. What is real, what is not? The barage of information is insane. How do I want to process information when it comes across my path? I have been open to all lines of thought around what is happening in the world. I try my best to look at things with curiosity rather than criticism, something I wish more people would do.

The truth is, there are a lot of lost people in this world looking for answers…

Last week when there was rumours of Stage 4 hitting soon, I walked in to the office where my husband was working, started crying and told him if stage 4 came, I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t up for it.

My instinct when I am feeling restricted or trapped is to scream, shout, break free and eventually run away.

It's not easy to keep me confined, in any sense of the word.

Once I realised that everything in life is a choice I promised that I would never let anything or anyone ever control me again.

So you can imagine how Stage 4 has made me feel (if you are in Melbourne, you probably know EXACTLY how Stage 4 made me feel).

the feeling of wanting to break free at that time was real. I wanted to be anywhere but here and in that time, I understood why people are trying to sneak over the borders.

Every day I see my children missing out on a proper childhood and it makes me want to whisk them away somewhere they can have what they deserve.

The reality is though, it is what it is. Unfortunately there is no escape, for me, for my family or anyone else in Victoria right now. It often seems so surreal that I have little to no choices right now…

So after letting it all process, I realise I can be free, in my mind. I can create my own environment, my own bubble that I can control and have in it what makes me and my family happy.

And it starts with me - operation clean up!

First was the social media feed - stop scrolling was number one. But if I was scrolling, any content that made me feel anxious, uneasy, confused or angry I either muted, unfriended or blocked (depending on the person and/or where the content was coming from). It felt good. Something to note on this - even if I believed there was truth to the content I was consuming, if it made me feel anxious, angry or overwhelmed about my current situation, I still removed it from my feed. I chose to not allow other peoples content to consume me and alter my mindset anymore. Also, all news pages unfollowed. I choose when I want to seek out the news for the day.

Now I was in control.

Next was my health - a 2 day juice cleanse which felt good. Dropped the dairy post cleanse and focused on whole, nourishing foods. Started counting my macros again to shift the extra kg’s I picked up in the first isolation period (2kg down already!). Good nutrition is directly related to mental health, but easy to forget when you are isolated with not much else exciting in your life other than your next uber eats order or a quick trip to the bottle shop.

Now I was in control.

Exercise - should be a non negotiable but became lost again in the first lockdown, which never felt good because moving my body daily is high on my priority list. HIIT sessions daily to move my body and get a sweat on, even if it’s just for 10 mins. Stretching to unwind. Walks when I feel up to putting a mask on or when my kids need more than just the back yard. Forcing myself to move (somehow) even when I don’t want to knowing it will feel good at the end.

Now I was in control.

My business - what could I realistically achieve in the next 6 weeks? What would feel good for me? What would make me feel purposeful and give me another focus? How could I serve others? How do I need to invest in myself? Who can I connect myself with? What do my clients need right now? How can I pivot? How can I scale to the next level? Note - this is not about me starting up some crazy burn out style hustle movement. This was about me doing what feels right and what is going to light me up. I love my work and I love to achieve things, so what would that look like for me in this time?

Now I was in control.

My spiritual health - connection back to me. Being conscious of my feelings. Sitting in quiet spaces where I can to reflect. Journaling to work through my thoughts and what feels right in the moment. Praying to God, connecting to him daily for strength, guidance and to show my gratitude. Trusting in Him always and continuing to strengthen that.

Now I am in control (and feel fully supported).

I went from a space of feeling like I wanted to run away, to creating a complete sanctuary for myself where I now feel fully in control. This is purely a mindset shift and a choice to no longer allow myself to sit in the woe of my situation. My situation is exactly what I believe it to be and exactly what I make it.

These exact tactics may or may not resonate with you, but the question is simple - what can you do, or what do you need to do in your life so you feel in control? So you can cope with the next 6 weeks if you are in isolation too? Even if you're not in isolation, have you trained yourself to ask these questions when life throws you curve balls? I'm not saying don't feel the feels. Honours what you are feeling, because your feelings are valid. But why are these feelings occurring? What is contributing to them that may continue to pull you in a downward spiral? Be honest with yourself and identify them. Sit outside yourself and look in (this is a practise for sure!). Know you can take back control once you identify what needs to change. This is a choice.

So this bubble I have created is where I will stay for at least the next 6 weeks, possibly longer.

In all areas asking myself what I need, what will work for me, what won't, what needs to change, how I need to be supported and then executing it.

Life on my terms, even though my outside world is completely controlled.

Choosing to see the opportunities and create the goodness.

Sitting with my family in my bubble, that I won’t let anyone burst.

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