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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The most uttered statement from a mother…

I have no time.

Often followed closely by the words “for me”.

I know I have uttered them many, many times

Becoming a mother turns your life upside down, there’s no denying that. You go from someone who only had to worry about themselves to a woman who is, a lot of the time, solely responsible for the growth of another dependant human being who can do absolutely nothing for themselves.

To say this can be overwhelming and all consuming is an understatement.

We get caught up in the groundhog day of motherhood and bit by bit we completely forget what it means to take care of ourselves.

I mean really take care of ourselves.

It’s hard enough to make sure you are fed, watered and bathed every day right?

But who has time for anything deeper? The things that have real meaning in your life? The growth? The self discovery? The checking in? Remembering who you are? Learning about who you have become?

I mean that’s just a luxury, isn’t it?

I realised lately that the things that I made time and space for prior to my second daughter Charlie being born last year, I had let fall away.

The things that made me feel connected to me - journaling, meditating, exercise, good nutrition, regular massages, investing in my self development, just to name a few.

These things kept me grounded, allowed me to be in flow and feel at ease, generally just made me a better, happier and healthier person overall.

They also heavily contributed to how profitable my business was (interesting huh…)

The danger when we become mothers, is we can also become martyrs.

We use our kids as an excuse (they are’t going away anytime soon), get caught up in the "woe is me I have no time” story that perpetuates our minds and slowly but surely it takes over.

So why do you think you have no time?

Well, it’s just a story you have told yourself.

Don’t let that be your story anymore.

Choose what you want for you and make the time.

And then, make it your RESPONSIBILITY to yourself.

So here I am, starting afresh. Letting go of any martyrdom. Committing to honouring what I am owed as a worthy and valuable human being.

The things that drive me, inspire and deeply fulfill me.

What about you?

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