• Kristyn Culliver


There was a time when I didn’t even know what that meant. I didn’t even know it was a thing. I thought that life happened to me and I had no control over what played out…

This was never a point of conversation when I was growing up. It’s not that I was told that I had no control, it just wasn’t ever discussed how life worked.

You went to school, got a degree or qualification, worked your job, got married, had kids and took on whatever life threw your way.

You were guided by the outside world and you did what other people did to fit in and be


Having said all of that, I do recall a time in my final year of high school when I was having a meltdown in my room. My Dad was there supporting me and for the first time ever he asked me what I wanted. I was considering ditching my final year and walking away from all the stress of the exams and he said he would support me in my decision. When he asked me what I wanted to do, my mind immediately defaulted to what I thought other people would want me to do, what other people would think of me, even how much it would let my Dad down even in one of his most supportive moments.

I just didn’t ever give myself permission to listen to my Soul (the inner voice).

I went on to finish high school and got accepted to the top University in WA. I didn’t go, so finishing school was never really needed. Something was telling me not to go to Uni. I wanted my independence, I wanted to earn cash, I wanted to go out in to the big wide world….

I always wanted to run my own Business. But I didn’t know how or what that was, or even where to start. Again I ignored that, pushed it aside and got a job. I spent the first year of my career in trouble, mainly cause I was breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries or getting really bored of being told what to do and having to work within the confines of other peoples narrow minded views.

I continued on in my HR career for 13 years. Over that time I came to understand what it took to get to the top. It meant complying and following the rules. Being a good little employee who understood that it was more important to tick all the boxes to get a good performance review than thinking outside the box. I cannot tell you the number of times I was shut down for my ideas or solutions to problems. I came from a belief that anything is possible. Unfortunately that doesn’t fly when you have to work within policies and procedures. Eventually I just stopped contributing and when I did contribute it was very mainstream, very compliant. My soul was slowly dying….

When I left my job in 2013 to have my first daughter, I left broken. Silenced. Unable to really think for myself. Totally disconnected from my intuition. Completely unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. I felt really unintelligent. Incapable of anything without another human assisting me. Full of fear for anything outside my comfort zone. The voice inside me was a very, very quiet whisper that I would often not hear at all. I had gone from an optimistic, radical thinking, strong and bright girl in her 20’s, to a pessimistic, disconnected, woman in her 30’s constantly looking for acceptance and validation.

Why? Because I stopped listening to the voice within me. Actually, because I never really listened to her properly in the first place.

Eventually I realised the Corporate world was no longer for me and chose not to return once Sophia was born. Then embarked my journey back to myself. It was a rather long and quite painful journey. Motherhood is a learning curve as it is, but it’s even harder when you are already so disconnected. I had to crash hard in order to regain myself. I had to be slapped over and over again with hard lessons about myself until I finally listened and decided to learn and take action in alignment with what was right for me, regardless of what I thought others would think.

I finally decided to go in to Business. To work for myself on my own terms Over time I learnt to ignore all the rules and know that it was ok. I wasn’t accountable to anyone but myself. Led by soul and only by soul. It’s now completely non negotiable.

Recently I found a copy of my Year 12 Year Book. Every student in their final year had to answer a series of questions. One question was “What career do you want to pursue?” Or something along those lines. My answer was to be in Business….

I remember looking at it and thinking “Huh, I knew all along. Why didn’t I just listen in the first place?”

Your soul always know. It just does. The more you ignore it, the further you will be from what you really want, what you truly want to create, the life you want to live, the money you want to earn, the goals you want to achieve, the people you want to be surrounded with.

Allowing yourself to be so misaligned over time becomes damaging.

The world will tell you to dim your light. You’re too loud, too radical, too much…

I am telling you to turn it up, as high as it will go and call in the right people who will support this regardless.

Listening to your Soul is literally living your best life!

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